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Technical Seminar: Technologies in Produced Water Treatment and Reuse & Downhole All Metal Technology

Technical Seminar: Technologies in Produced Water Treatment and Reuse & Downhole All Metal Technology

SPE Northern Emirates Section is pleased to invite its members and non-members on a series of Luncheon Technical Sessions co-hosted with MESSABEN.

Event Details:

Topic: MESSABEN’s  Breakthrough  technologies in  Produced and Frac flow back water treatment and reuse , and downhole intervention tools Metal to Metal HT applications

Hydro-Pod™  technology is a strategic water management solution that reduces the demand for water as a  natural resource by cleaning for reuse. It allows natural gas exploration to move into previously restrictive areas that prevent drilling due to concerns of water contamination, dumping, and drought. The HydroPod™ was designed using 30+ fracking background and proprietary processing technology with ozone and electrical coagulation. The HydroPod™ effectively removes Iron, Boron, Barium, H2S, bacteria, sulfates, and other elements including organic compounds TSS and reduces TDS . It can be combined with other units to meet processing needs. It is a mobile unit that can be used at the well site, low energy , fully automated with high capacity used also can effectively be used to recycle the water of rejected acidic water in mining  , and power plant blow down water .

The AMP™ technology InFocus is an engineering firm building the latest in fluid-driven downhole technologies, continues to be known for developing innovative and disruptive technologies for intervention . InFocus features two award winning products that are being utilized globally: All Metal Power sections AMP for downhole motors  for HPHT , acidization and minimizing tripping related to the degradation of normal rubber stators in downhole motors  and friction reduction tools , and Hydraulic High-Speed Reaming Tool  HSRT™  , whereas it overcomes challenges related to swelling formations , tight spots , micro-dog legs , without compromising the movement of casing string , ensuring  for casing assurance landing to TD.

Speaker: Rami Bakir – CEO and President Messaben Group

Rami Bakir is the CEO and President of Messaben Group. With more than 27 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, Mr. Bakir served in several upstream domains and disciplines. From drilling, well intervention and fishing services to completions, production and processing systems, completing by that the full cycle of asset E&P services and technology solutions within Exploration to Production.

Mr. Bakir started his career with Weatherford Drilling and Services in Algeria in 1994, ending up in 2006 managing several countries’ portfolios for East Africa. In 2007, he joined NOV as Africa’s BDM. Soon after, he became the Vice President Operations for MENA region for completions and productions segment.

In 2021 he assumed the position of CEO and President of Messaben, which is a group of companies structured to bring economical and commercial integrated technology solutions in the drilling intervention domain. The Group is focusing mainly on water sustainability – produced water treatment and reuse, as well as water generation as a renewable source.


Sep 15 2022


(GMT + 4)
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Meeting Hall
Shangri-La Dubai


Rameez Anwar

Other Organizers

Izwan Adnan
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