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Quantum dot technology: Novel approach to Well and Reservoir Production Surveillance – Webinar

Quantum Dot Technology Novel Approach To Well And Reservoir Production Surveillance Webinar

Quantum dot technology: Novel approach to Well and Reservoir Production Surveillance – Webinar

Session Overview:

The dynamic well and reservoir production surveillance plays the crucial role in optimizing physical data driven models for reservoir characterization. Traditional methods for monitoring the inflow profile are not always practically feasible and cost-effective, especially when it comes to hard-to-recover reserves. The alternative method of inflow chemical tracers does not require well intervention in order to obtain zonal production contribution data. Another advantage of quantum dot technology solution is its robustness and production surveillance longevity for several years. The presentation focuses on the case study of deploying quantum dot inflow tracers in multiple wells in one field. The study further extends to use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for data analysis and interpretation of the results. The technology creates a unique set of values for the users: continuous data sets and their analyses on the well and reservoir performance over the life cycle of the field, with the improvement of enhanced oil recovery water flooding methods.

Guest Speaker:

Mr. Nadir Husein,
General Manager, Middle East and North Africa, GEOSPLIT

Speaker Profile:

Nadir has 20+ years of extensive administrative and engineering and field experience in the integrated application of hydraulic fracturing services, coiled tubing, regional sales of corporate products, project management. He held various positions in major international oil field Service Company in Iraq, Oman, Pakistan, UAE and Yemen. A graduate of the American University in Cairo with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, attended various advanced training courses in coiled tubing operations, management, finance, personnel management, sales in the USA, the UK, UAE, France and other countries.

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Jul 07 2021


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


United Arab Emirates


Rameez Anwar
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