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Drilling Data Aggregation & Data Quality Management – Technical Webinar

Drilling Data Aggregation & Data Quality Management Technical Webinar

Drilling Data Aggregation & Data Quality Management – Technical Webinar

Session Overview:

Data Aggregation is a process of data acqusition from the drilling rigs, transforming the data into industry standard formats. This data once processed and stored can be flexibily used for interpretation, modelling, visualization and analysis with an aim of extracting the mindful insights that enable right decision-making at right time and helps optimize the operations and costs associated. Advanced analytical tools and Data science models are fed with these data points to detect the failures and anomalies ahead of time, such that the drilling failues, incidents and operational NPT can be avoided in an efficient and reliable manner. Data quality improvement, which is the key aspect, is required to cleanse, improve and interpret the post-well or real-time data to preserve and enhance data features, like accuracy, consistency, reliability and validity.
Our solution offerings and capabilities in Drilling domain cater to all the levels of the Drilling industry value-chain. We offer a large portfolio of products and support services, ranging from industry proven solutions for Real-time Drilling Data Aggregation (end-to end), robust tools for Integrated Activity Planning and Rig Scheduling & operational optimization, strong credentials in developing Advanced Drilling Analytics solutions for Drilling problems like Stuck Pipe and Stick Slip for Oil & Gas operator companies globally. Our RTDM solution is equipped to gather data from any of the data sources (WITS, WITSML 1.3/1.4, LAS, OSIsoft PI, Low frequency data sources like EDM, Open Wells, 3rd party API’s etc.) available on rig-site or offsite during the Drilling & WO operations. It is capable of aggregating the data from various data providers like MWD, LWD, Cement trucks, Wireline etc. and can synchronize and store all the data in its local and central repository, which can then be integrated to other tools or can be visualized to monitor the operations on the rig or office location. The Benchmarking tool then consolidates all the data from different rigs to calculate various KPIs on one or more wells.
Our support services in Drilling domain vary from implementation of 24×7 Collaboration centers for O&G supermajors to the development of flagship programs in Drilling & IAP domain for various large O&G companies with their operations globally.

Guest Speaker:

Mr. Pradhyumn Parashari

Consultant at Wipro Limited

Speaker Profile:

Pradhyumn Parashari, is a confident highly motivated individual who has consistently been a top Consultant. Pradhyumn has 10 years rich experience as a Drilling Consultant and has been contributing to implementing digital transformation across the world. Pradhyumn is also contributing with team leadership roles, coupled with great communication skills which allow him to have lucid interactions with both technical and domain professionals. He has good knowledge about the challenges faced by the industry and has been working to develop an AI based solution to mitigate these challenges.

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Jul 28 2021


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


United Arab Emirates


Rameez Anwar
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